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Who we are

Founded as a family business in 1990 by Gustavo Rodriguez over 33 years ago.

Our mission is to provide trustworthy, expert services that you can feel good about.

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As GR Services has grown, Rodriguez continued to hire his brothers, cousins and family members. In many ways, his company is his family, and his family is his company. That being said, the passion behind GR Services is what drives the team to deliver exceptional service and reliability to their customers.

The company started as one warehouse and grew through the years to offer warehouse and lumping services across San Diego

¨It’s not just a business, it’s a lifestyle.
GR Services is built on a foundation of resilience, perseverance, and camaraderie.’’

Gustavo Rodriguez, CEO

Our Team

Gustavo Rodriguez - CEO
Gustavo Rodriguez - CEO

With strong leadership skills, he oversees the day-to-day functions. He stays with his team while working at the warehouse to ensure quality control, meanwhile personally training all employees to guarantee their knowledge is up to par with company standards.

Rosetta Rodriguez - Human Resources Manager
Rosetta Rodriguez - Human Resources Manager

A focus on talent acquisition and management allows Rosetta to be responsible for the human resources aspect of the business. She manages the hiring process for quality team members and trains the team to follow OSHA safety.

Gerardo Rodriguez - District Manager
Gerardo Rodriguez - District Manager

Gerardo is in charge of overseeing the safety job requirements at each warehouse. He ensures all team members are led in accordance with GR Services Inc’s mission.

Alivick Macías
Alivick Macías

Is the office assistant manager, handling admin tasks and day-to-day operations. If you call our office, she is the professional at GR Services Inc you will be speaking with.

What our customers have to say

At night we have had unscheduled truck deliveries that arrives at our warehouse needing to be off loaded as soon as possible in the middle of the night. We have call GRW, to help the warehouse to rush the unloading in order to meet shipping deadlines. GRW Services staff is reliable and professional in getting the work done safely.

Hector Vidrio Night Warehouse Manager - Harvest Meat Company

Since working alongside Gus, I’ve grown to appreciate Gus’s ability to provide his team with guidance and his expertise in warehouse operations all while leading each employee to driven success within his organization. I believe that Gus’s hard work, determination and transparency has led Gus to build a solid foundation of individuals who share the same drive as Gus. I look forward to working with Gus and being a part of his continued success.

David de Moraes

We are driven by a passion for the trade, which is why we maintain a commitment to excellence every step of the way. Our team works collaboratively to constantly advance our systems, processes, and credibility.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, we’re ready to help you with your warehouse solutions.

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